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Lost & Found is a collection dedicated to pure ideas based on the diminishing craftsmanship and artisanal nature that has been lost or replaced by hyper industrialization and the obsessive desire for constant change. In an attempt to preserve and revive old techniques and materials, the collection evolves from research and creative experimentation aspiring to define a more complex sense of luxury.

Lost & Found is a "concept" that shys away from definition.  Depending on what influences us most at the moment, the collection has the freedom to evolve and change form or subject matter.
This season we decided to use the medium of knitwear to explore our sensibility and we invite you into our world, to interact with our ideas.

Seeking the most unique materials, the knitting yarns are experimented with and combined to create something individual and rare. We work with the highest quality cashmere and alpaca and deepen their characteristics by working them with durable yarns such as raw linen or hemp. This creates an exclusive product that is luxurious not only in it’s noble composition, but also in it’s long lasting, imperishable qualities.

This intimate work is designed and made entirely in Italy and is produced by the old hands of those still carrying with them the spirit of "hand made" craftsmanship.  Each piece embraces the intense labor and human element that goes into it’s creation, rather than rejecting it.  

The design studio resides in the countryside of Tuscany, in an abandoned textile mill.  It is here where all of the influences of culture, international travel and local research come together to create the Lost & Found collection.




Lost & Found srl. - Via Becarino 37 - 52014 Poppi - (AR) - Italy - ph+fax +39 0575 582083 - info@lostandfounddesign.net - p.i. 01929130514